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Ball valve application
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Ball valve application

    Ball valve usually use rubber, nylon and Teflon as the seat ring material, so its applicable temperature restricted by the valve seat ring material.When metal ball works in the media, and there will be pressure generated between plastic seat and complete the Cut-off (floating ball valve). Valve seat ring works in a certain contact pressure, elastic-plastic deformation occurred in some areas ,this can compensate for this deformed sphere of manufacturing accuracy and surface roughness to ensure the valve sealing performance. Also, the valve seat ring usually is made of plastic, so when we choose the ball valve,we need to consider the structure and performance of fire and anti-fire, especially in the petroleum, chemical, and metallurgical sectors, in flammable, explosive devices and media types used in the system control valve, we should pay more attention to performance of fire and anti-fire.

   Typically,in the piping system of the double-adjustment, strict sealing, slurry, wear, reduced channel, the rapid opening and closing movement (1 / 4 turn open and close), high pressure cut-off (large pressure), low noise, phenomenon of cavitation and gasification, a small amount of leakage to the atmosphere, the operating torque, fluid resistance, ball valve is widely used.
Ball valve is also applicable in the piping system of the light structure, low cut-off (pressure difference), corrosive media.

    At low temperature (cryogenic) equipment and piping system ball valve can also be used. In the oxygen pipeline system of metallurgical industry, ball valve of strictly ungreased is widely used.
When the pipeline and main line of gas pipeline to be laid in the ground, welding ball valve with full bore is widely used.  When performance of adjustment is needed, ball valve with a special structure of V-shaped opening is widely used.

    In the fields of petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power, urban construction,ball valve with metal to metal sealing can work in the pipeline system with temperature above 200 ℃.

    Hejia, with agriculture and valve production as its traditional mainstays, has invested a total of 500 million yuan (US$60.5 million) into establishing a 20-hectare industrial park in the province’s Xindu area.

"This is only the initial investment," said Xia, who is also a deputy to the 10th National People’s Congress, although no further details were made available for the time being 

Hejia seemingly has long been prepared to elbow its way into the auto market and develop it into a new profit engine. It has already been engaged in vehicle repairs for some time, and the ambitious firm also set up a distribution centre for Chinese auto parts in the United States last September.

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